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C.V. Indo Cemerlang Textile

We Offer Good Quality Fabrics With Affordable Price

Fabric Knitting

Circular knitting machine to produce the various kind of fabrics. For T-shirts, polo shirts knitted garments materials. Including Collar, Cuff (Rib or Manset).

Fabric Quality Control

To ensure that a manufactured fabrics adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer and remains the same for all throughout

Fabric Sales

Providing the best sales services. Have a quick question or need more info of our fabrics, feel free to text us at: +62 896 5436 0987(Fast Response on working Hours, 08:00 PM -16.00 AM)


“What is pique?” The fabrics with wales running in a crosswise (weft) direction or embossed patterns such as honeycomb or birdseye. Polo Pique Fabrics are available with GSM 240 to 260. Pique’s advantages are a thicker and more durable fabric, and a more attractive textured detailing.

Single jersey fabric 30's/24's

Single Jersey with various kind of materials. such as cotton combed, cvc, TC. Stipper fabric, tritone, and twone.

RIB, collar and cuff

Rib for single jersey fabric, collar and cuff for pique fabric.

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